How It All Began

Born in West Germany to a father in the Air Force and a mother from Ipswich, England,  Rebecca was less than a year old when she first traveled abroad to visit her mother’s family. Thus began a lifetime of travel and a deep love for Europe. Attending a British primary school in her youth, she learned to maypole dance, knot a school uniform tie precisely, spell using the Queen’s English and appreciate the wit of British humor (i.e. humour). Moving from England to the beautiful Dutch countryside, Rebecca soon fell in love with this land and its people. She often had occasion to visit nearby Germany for high school athletic events and church-sponsored activities. Meanwhile, family vacations took her to destinations throughout Europe. 

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in International Studies with a minor in European Studies from Brigham Young University, Rebecca earned a master’s degree in European Studies from the University of Birmingham in England while a young mother. Mirroring her own childhood experience, her children attended a British primary school while she was at university. Each Saturday was designated a “Fun Family Day” and it was spent exploring the region’s culture, historic buildings, events and foods. 

Upon returning to Utah, Rebecca was dismayed with how many people believed that visiting Europe was outside their reach. One young woman, in particular, lamented to Rebecca that the only way she could see Europe was to pay an extraordinary sum to a tour company that would be bouncing their young participants from country to country covering a large part of the continent, but spending only hours to a single night in most of the countries. Rebecca knew there was a better way. A different way to see Europe. She began working with young ladies to put together an affordable tour of Europe. She made them a part of the planning process and Jane Austen played heavily into the resulting itinerary to England. They set about saving money for the trip and after a year of planning and saving, these young women were able to reach their goal. They had an amazing visit, seeing large cities and small villages, spending a fraction of what they would have had to pay for a large, impersonal group tour.  Years later, they still talk about what a remarkable experience they had on their first visit to Europe.

Rebecca built on this model of affordable, small group touring to eventually create Aticus Travel. She has led groups ranging from 6 to 14 participants on tours across Europe. Itineraries have included: Italy during spring and during the harvest season, World War II historic sites in England and France, the Black Forest region of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium during tulip season, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic, Bavarian Germany, visit to participants’ ancestral lands in England and Wales, England and Scotland, England and Ireland, the Alps region of Switzerland, Italy and Austria and a week of fun in Paris and London.


Her primary wish is that everyone with a desire to visit Europe have the opportunity to go. She often says, “If you can afford to go to Disneyland, you can afford to go to Europe.” Then, she gets to work making affordable trips happen.

Owner Rebecca Glathar has been preparing her whole life for the creation of Aticus Travel, LLC

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