Small Group Tours

Join a group tour with an established itinerary

Each year, Aticus Travel offers a number of small-group travel experiences to destinations in Europe. Participant numbers range from 8-14 guests. These itineraries cover destinations that past Aticus Travel guests have agreed are not to be missed. They combine popular tourist attractions, such as large European cities, with off-the-beaten path excursions and activities.

We specialize in tours that allow for authentic and immersive experiences. Our guests have tracked truffle hunting pigs through the Tuscan countryside, learned to blow with the right amount of pressure to play the Scottish Highland bagpipes, assisted a vineyard chef in creating gelato and climbed to the top of Stanage Edge to replicate Elizabeth Bennett (played by Keira Knightley) looking out over the stunning Peak District of England, skirt and hair blowing in the wind.

We invite you to join one of these exciting tours for the chance to explore wonderful new places and meet others who love to travel.

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