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Time is valuable. Planning is challenging. Vacations are priceless. Getting it wrong causes heartache, wasted time and money, missed opportunities & disappointment. 

It can be daunting to plan, create and book your perfect European vacation. Whether you are planning on traveling solo, with your family or with a large group of friends, Aticus Travel, LLC has the experience to craft a tour fitted to your time frame, budget and interests. We offer various levels of assistance to meets your needs: from simply providing suggestions on your route and activities to offering a full service trip planning experience (everything from creating your route to booking all of your reservations).

Choice of support level

Route creation assistance

Reservations support

Detailed electronic itinerary

Informed suggestions based on your interests

Save yourself time, money and stress and get the most out of your European travels by contacting Aticus Travel today and benefiting from our trip planning services. 

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Dream Big…We’ll Help You Make It Happen

Aticus Travel crafts unforgettable European tours at affordable prices. With a focus on keeping groups small and tour experiences authentic, we offer a personalized alternative to large group travel.

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