Customized Guided Tours

Let Us Take Care of Every Detail

Return to the native lands of your British ancestors. Celebrate an upcoming anniversary, retirement or birthday in Tuscany. See Bavaria over Spring Break.

Sound overwhelming? That's where we come in.

You provide the group - family, friends, co-workers -and Aticus Travel, LLC will put together a customized, guided tour to the European destinations of your choice for your group. We will tailor the dates, route, foods, and activities to the interests and tastes of the participants.

Not only will we plan and make all of the reservations for you, but we will also guide the group. Our guide will keep track of all reservations, accompany you to each of your destinations, let you know the schedule each day, provide assistance in understanding local culture and customs, offer suggestions and provide tour support. All of this allows you to relax and enjoy your destinations and those who have come with you.

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