A new way
to see Europe

Dedicated to Traveling Well

We see Europe differently. So, our tours are crafted differently:

  • No motor coaches.

  • No bouncing from capital to capital. 

  • No large blocks of "free time" with uncertainty of how to fill them.

  • No waiting for 40 people to finally return to the meeting point.

Instead, we offer:

  • Small groups (8-14)

  • Full itinerary of activities

  • Varied sightseeing from big cities to quaint villages, and 

  • A flexible schedule. We can stop for those magical pictures you'd love to capture.


Make the most of your time in Europe by traveling differently with Aticus Travel.

Whether you’re participating in one of our established small group tours, having us customize a group tour for you or benefiting from our travel planning services, you'll enjoy an experience crafted to highlight the wonders, both large and small, that Europe has to offer in a different and wonderful way. 

Contact us today to start traveling! 

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